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Our Online Services page has links to all of our services we offer online: Wills, Divorces, Debt Recovery, Company Registration and Discretionary Trust Registration.

As Lawyers, we often see matters delayed as it can be difficult to arrange a time where both our solicitor and the client are free to meet.  Due to this, we have developed our Online Services - you fill in the information online and we will contact you to organize the next steps.  All of our online services attract a 10% discount from our standard professional fees.

  • Wills-Having an up-to-date Will is of the utmost importance, especially in this day and age where people are more and more prepared to litigate.  Having an up-to-date Will can often prevent issues arising upon your death.
  • Divorces-We offer online divorce consultancy.
  • Debt Recovery-Do you need a speedy solution for the recovery of your problem debts?  No- one wants to write off a debt that is validly owed by a debtor!By completing the online debt recovery instruction sheet, we will email you ten (10) prepaid debt recovery vouchers, entitling you to ten (10) letters of demand.
  • Company Registration-Are you thinking of starting a company?  No matter what the reason, we're here to help. Simply complete the form and send to us and a member of our Commercial team will contact you to go through the next steps.
  • Discretionary Trust Registration-A Discretionary Trust can be useful in numerous ways. Complete the form and a member of our Commercial Team will contact you to organise the rest.



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