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Jus Counsel Blossom ending in part from the prominence attachment that we establish and uphold with our clients. We keep up a correspondence to large number of State owned Statutory Bodies, Corporations and Institutions, Banks etc.Private Companies and Individual of all way of life and various complex disputes and intricate transaction. Every client and every legal matter is extra ordinarily important to us. Our prime goal is to acquire the desire outcome of our clients and thereby ensured a long standing lawyer/client relationship with those businesses and individual to which we offer legal demonstration.

  • Islami Bank Bangladesh Ltd
  • Quantum Properties Ltd
  • Uttara Developers Ltd
  • Cordova Real Estate Ltd
  • ECTA Limited
  • Novo Cargo Services Limited
  • Novo Food Products Limited
  • Car Trade Limited
  • Car Mela Limited
  • Rupok International Ltd
  • Best Source Ltd
  • Uttar Women’ s Charitable Society
  • Ranavola Foundation
  • Dolphin Ent Ltd
  • Green Cab Limited
  • Janata  Builders Ltd
  • Dilshadpur Bricks Manufacturing Co Ltd
  • Purbachal Steel Mills Ltd
  • Omorfu Germent Ltd
  • Beg Sweater Ltd
  • STV usa
  • Heaven Consultanats Ltd
  • Global Leader e-Korea
  • SAAZ Packaging Industries Ltd
  • R.M. Construction Ltd
  • RSM Group of Companies Ltd
  • Silicon Engineers & Company Ltd
  • REAL Group of Companies Ltd
  • Armana Fashions Limited
  • Armana Apparels Limited
  • East west Services Limited
  • Zyta Apparels Limited
  • Jeans Culture Limited
  • Denimach Limited
  • Denimach Washing Limited
  • Transfigure Apparels Solutions Limited
  • Talikdar Electronics Limited
  • E FE Textile Limited
  • Ottoman Textile Limited
  • Bluline International Limited
  • BodyLine Far East Limited
  • Building Dreams Limited
  • Exponent Solutions Limited
  • White Castle Properties Limited
  • Skyward Limited
  • Bangladesh Sweater Ltd
  • East Wood Ltd
  • Ideal Colour Graphic & Printing Limited
  • Royal Consumer and Agro Product Limited
  • Scholars City Limited