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Jus Counsel, an elite law firm, facilitates you to take steps all through the legal strip with certainty. Our commitment is to sympathize with our clients as we take them from beginning to end of the legal voyage. We put forward spread and far-reaching legal services and provide you with way out that optimize your improvement strategies, shelter your rights, and assist you to achieve your goal. We extend services in ample variety of segments that include business law, administrative law and litigation; meeting practically all the needs of the client.

We believe in team work and we are connected with most of the prominent jurists and law firms of this country. In a case where we consider the need of a specialist, we cheerfully bring him/her in our team and look after our clients’ first-rate interest with highest honesty. Adjacent to that we are also functioning to gain appreciation with other international firms and make them our operational partners in various parts of the world.

Together with practicing as a full service Litigation Law Firm before the court (which includes Appellate Division of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh). Jus Counsel also works as a company secretary and arrange outstanding industry report, conduct profile search etc. of any company incorporated in Bangladesh.

Jus Counsel also works as process server and previously have effectively served summons for many foreign companies in compliance with their law. We also worked in the IT sector and already served Infosys, revolutionary IT sector worldwide. NGOs working with UN, ADB, World Bank etc. or other overseas entities are also intriguing our legal support in their various projects.

In the meantime we conducted serious study on various matters which includes Hindu marriage registration, use of asbestos and foreign drug registration in Bangladesh and prepared Memorandum on the research conducted by the Jus Counsel for host of foreign companies.

Our Commitment

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Jus Counsel desires to guarantee that as a client one can constantly get in touch with an associate of the Chamber who can give an adequate answer to their query. The Chamber will carry on keeping its client informed about the contemporary state of affairs of their concern. The Chamber upholds firm secrecy with the client's information

Our Values

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Conventionally there are convinced nucleus values that one would look forward to from any counsel-amongst them honesty, reliance, faithfulness, and pride in doing the job well.

Our Approch

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To our clients we assure sheerness. While performing as your lawyer we bear you with our proficiency, intelligence and honesty. The Chamber considers that its clients' interests are best.

Jus Counsel put forward actual solutions for its clients ranging from individuals to multinational entities banking upon wealth of experience and expertise. It provides clients of the new millennium with simple, realistic and time-saving advice and solutions.